Our Technology

Carlow Warehousing’s e-commerce software and hardware have been developed specifically around the needs of our customers. It is unique to the British Isles and offers significant competitive advantages – both to us and to you. Here’s why:

▪  It maximises efficiencies and accuracy at every stage of
   the process while also reducing unit costs.

▪  It delivers best business practices throughout the logistics

▪  It provides a software interface that is ready and easy to
   use. Our technology is SAP compatible.

▪  It uses Hand-held Barcode Technology for further
   efficiencies and 100% accuracy.

▪  It offers immediate access to customers requesting
   accurate stock counts or delivery updates.

▪  It enables us to handle volumes that stretch into the
   hundreds of thousands of orders every month.

Our System allows for multiple tasks to be carried out by our staff.
This includes stock replacement while also picking, stocktaking, etc.
Our System is one of the main reasons we can reduce your order cost as we already have the technology, hardware and staff. These will enable any new customer to piggy-back onto our System.

So, the greater the volume the more efficient we become and, in turn, the more we can reduce overall overheads in order to keep costs competitive.

Our software

Our software allows us to reduce labour overheads while improving accuracy, speed and efficiency. An example is our packing line where, depending on the size, weight and number of goods to be packed, the system will instruct the packer to choose a particular size of box. This ensures that the optimum size of box is identified immediately, that goods are better protected and that packaging costs are kept to a minimum.
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